Web Analytics


Web Analytics

To better understand and optimize web usage, and to attract web traffic, website data need to be collected and analyzed based on some key metrics.



Importance of Web Analytics

If you want to know your website visitors age, gender, location and their behavior and you are curious to make better decisions for the future to sell your products or to attract many more people to visit your website then the importance of web analytics will be one of the valuable studies for your business growth.

Real-time Monitoring of Users

We believe the most important part of a website is to track the users and what they do on the website everyday, especially if it is an online shop, news or a company website. For example, monitoring the buying habit of users real-time draw your next strategies for selling the products.

Moving toward the Best Content

Using web analytics tools, you can find out which contents of the pages have been visited many times and how long your users spend their time to read the content of the pages. Based on such statistics you can think about the content of the low-visited pages and how to improve them to attract more users to such pages.

Web Analytics and SEO

SEO is one of the most challenging aspects of growing your business, especially when you want to stay on the first page of Google or other search engines. If you know your visitors’ interests and demographics in details then you can spend your time to prepare the best content for current and new users. Consequently, you get more visitors and more backlinks.

Who Referred to the Website

Do you want to know exactly where your site receives the most traffic from?
Your website may be accessed via organic search, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., so by knowing exactly where the traffic is coming from, you can think about new strategies to gain more traffic regarding your current situation.

Find Your New Partnerships

Outbound links are one of the key factors for improving the SEO of a website, and they can also assist you to talk with your next partners. Web analytics tools tell you which outbound links have been clicked many times by your visitors, so you can make a new plan for your future partners.

Tracking eCommerce Metrics

Google Analytics shows you the total revenue, conversion rate, top products, and many other facts about your eCommerce website. Now it is your turn to redraw your strategies to sell more of your products and gain more profits.



Most Important Analytic Metrics

If you want to know your website’s visitors and their behavior and you are curious to make better decisions for the future to sell your products or to attract many more people to visit your website, then the importance of web analytics will be one of the valuable studies for your website.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is a unique metric within Google Analytics and measures the percentage of the single page visit and it shows how a person leaves your website without visiting other pages than the landing page. We help our clients to reduce the bounce rate with the help of some tips and tricks.

Exit Rates

On your website, Pageviews are metrics defined as the total number of individual time a page is loaded by a customer even when a user clicks reload after reaching a page. Sessions represent a single visit to the website. A single Session can include many Pageviews.

Traffic Sources

Do you know where your website’s traffic originated from? If you want to know exactly from which sources outside of search engines your visitors arrive your website, the referral metrics record the clicks and show you a variety of sources.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate in web analytics means a complete online or offline activity after your visitors leave your website. It shows the final outcome of a website’s visit. Signing-up for a newsletter, a purchase, viewing a video, or clicking on an advertisement can be considered as completed actions.

Behavior Flow

By using the Behaviour Flow section, you can see pages that attract the most hits, and the number of users exit at each stage.

Geography of Visitors

Location data can be useful in targeting your marketing and advertising. Google Analytics lets you know your visitor’s geographical location, such as continent, country, region, city, or even metro area. There are some tools that assist you to find further information about your visitors including their phone number and websites.

Device Usage

Knowing the percentage of people coming to your website via different sources such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices reveals some facts about your next investment policy on your hardware and software technologies. Google Analytics is a quick way to measure such important data.

Average Time on Page

Spending time on a single page indicates the quality and engagement with your different types of content and media. Google Analytics simply measures the average amount of time by calculating between first hit time and the last hit time.

Site Speed

Site speed is an important ranking factor and if a page on your website loads slowly, a user will leave the website quickly and the bounce rate of the website will decrease dramatically. It has a huge impact on search engine ranking as well.



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