About us

About us

HannaPerle is the Software Development company of ZellBio GmbH, established in 2011.

ZellBio has simplified the availability of high demand Molecular Biology products for the Life Science market. With an advanced online platform, Scientists and Researchers now have access to Research Use Only products for Biochemical assays.

HannaPerle was established to close the gap in the growing demand for customized applications to provide better services to Biotech companies. Being active since 2018, we provide the following services:

HannaPerle Team is a careful selection and blend of professionals from Data Analysis, Software Development, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and Business Management fields. With our expertise, skills and experience, we have come together to provide solutions to puzzling issues in Software related matters especially for Biotech and Medically affiliated companies.

Although the solutions we provide is birthed from specialized industry, they apply to SME businesses from all disciplines worldwide. Having this in mind, we are contributing our own quota in filling up the gap in tech talent experienced internationally; hence we work both at the B2B and B2C level.


For HannaPerle – Value is First!